Western CofE Primary

Church of England

School Council

We are Western’s School Council:

How does our school council work?

Each class in our school has one representative that they have elected.  We meet as a whole council at least once a month, although we usually meet much more frequently and we often meet in smaller action groups to complete tasks.

The School Council is about us learning to work together, developing democracy within our school and ensuring that all pupils in our school feel that they have a way to have their voice heard.  It is our job to involve everyone, not just ourselves as representatives, in school decisions.  We try to find out what needs to change, we come up with ways to change them and make them better, we come up with plans for this and work to make it happen, and finally we evaluate the action and the impact it had.

We play a positive and prominent role in our wider school community, often communicating with, and working alongside, a variety of different members of staff such as admin assistants, our caretaker, class teachers, headteacher and school governors.

Our aims are: 

  • To ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to have their ideas and opinions listened to.
  • To help the school respond to the needs and views of pupils.
  • To play an active role in decision making processes within the school.
  • To make a positive difference to school life.
  • To ultimately help the school improve.