Western CofE Primary


We want you to know why we think regular homework is important.  In doing so we hope that you will be able to support your child and know that you are making a valuable difference to their education.

The purpose:

  • Independence – Children often work on their own in lessons. Children have the responsibility to understand their homework and complete it.  Homework prepares children to be self-motivated when it comes to learning.
  • Collaborate – Learning is often completed through teamwork in the classroom. Completing ‘projects’ with the help of family members helps children to communicate effectively. 
  • Reinforce – Overlearning is important to help children feel really confident in what they have learnt in the classroom.
  • Research – Being inquisitive and finding information out around a topic makes it more meaningful to children as it becomes more individual.

Types of homework – these change depending on the age and ability of your child:

  • Spellings – to reinforce learning in the classroom
  • Reading – to adults, independently and comprehensions
  • Maths – mental maths for fluency, number to reinforce understanding and problem solving to build resilience
  • Science/History/Geography: Finding out about the world.  This may be research based or a mini-project.  It often results in communicating in some form eg sharing a talk, delivering a presentation or presenting a poster, model or written presentation.


You can help your child by monitoring the amount and quality of homework they are completing.  If you think the homework is too difficult or is taking too long please communicate with your child’s class teacher.  We know that children take part in other activities outside of school and it is very important they continue with these to enrich their lives and keep them healthy.  Regular homework really can make a difference to your child’s learning.  If you have any questions about homework please speak to the Year Leader.